Camping prices

Adults80,00 kr.
Children50,00 kr.
Power per day45,00 kr.
Dog10,00 kr.
Guests25,00 kr.
Space fee Easter, Kr.himmelfart, Pentecost55,00 kr.
Space fee - sheltered spaces - Black spaces 35,00 kr. per night.
Space fee - Orange spaces 55,00 kr. per night.
Space fee - front row sea view - Red spaces75,00 kr. per night.
Environmental supplement
10,00 kr.

Cabin prices

Little cabin (2 prs)
per day475,00 kr.
per week3325,00 kr.
Power per day50,00 kr.
Big cabin ( 4-6 prs)
per day575,00 kr.
per week4025,00 kr.
Power per day45,00 kr.
Remember that cabins can only be rented for full weeks during the peak season, which is from week 25 to 35.

Current Offers 2024

Ascension and Pentecost
Leave the caravan free between Christ’s Ascension and Pentecost. Excl power …..

Mobile home

Mobile home4700,00 kr per. week. + gas consumption and electricity